Bourbon Street

I'm back from another travel weekend and feeling exhausted, again.  New Orleans was the usual... loud music, hand grenades, dirty clowns on Bourbon Street and beads being hurled at my head.  But it was also an incredibly thoughtful weekend with lots of caring and sharing among the women in our family.  We talked, spent afternoons on the balcony with bottles of wine and just really supported one another.  I'm grateful to be able to recount precious moments mixed in with plenty of drinks and a birthday girl who wouldn't quit.  

Oh, and I promise not to always wear maxi dresses... they're just so easy when on the road.  

Sunglasses: 1st pic, borrowed from cousin to hide tired travel eyes, 2nd pic: Madewell, dress: H&M, belt: J. Crew, shoes: Stuart Weitzman (Steve Madden makes an identical pair FYI), watch: Cartier, jewelry: Jennifer Zeuner, beads from Nana, Hermes, J. Crew, The Wendt Collective, wallet: Anya Hindmarch