Dresser Style

We finally got a dresser for our bedroom and while I know that furniture can't talk, I'm convinced it's screaming "help me!" It seems they need styling like anything else and I've been scouring the internet to find some that inspire me.
I've noticed a few recurring themes from the images I pulled. All the looks are layered and each dresser has a mirror or piece of art that grounds the space above it. There is usually a lamp and often two, which creates symmetry. Stacks of books (a look I love) are a must and I was surprised to see that almost always there is some piece of greenery, live or not.
Photos: Alice Lane Home, Ashley Goforth Design, Decorista, Lonny
How do you style your dresser and which looks appeal to you?


  1. Nice to 'meet' you! Your blog is great as well! Love that vintage looking white dresser.

  2. I love the vintage white dresser as well but I'm not a big fan of those lamps. I like the shades, but not the bases.