Hook 'em

It was a clash of the cultures, a little north meets south, on the day I tried to hang antlers in the apartment.  I'd just moved in with my now husband and I was swiftly turning "his" home into "ours."  Never had my design taste been challenged but he stopped me dead in my tracks.  This is a man born and raised in New York while I proudly hail from Texas.  His view was that antlers were a southern thang and he thought I was bringing a touch of the deer lease to our Tribeca digs.  Alas, I sent him an email with at least thirty photos of stunning homes featuring these dressed up horns.  Contemporary or traditional, urban or rustic, across the country antlers are hung for design and function.  He reluctantly admitted defeat but has yet to check "hang antlers" off his to-do list. 

Photos: Apartment Therapy, Lonny, Pepper Design, Pinterest


  1. This is my favorite one so far! I love the antlers and who would have thought to put them in a nursery?! Love it!

  2. Thanks Kate! I love the white antlers in the nursery as well. :)

  3. I'm having the exact opposite argument with my boyfriend, he wants antlers and I'm a bit wary. You might have just helped him win this battle with the gorgeous photos you posted.