Max It Out

my goal in life. Or so my husband would suggest. We all have embraced the maxi dress and I'm so grateful that they continue to be in style year after year because they're just so easy. Lately, I'm seeing more maxi skirts hit the streets and I have to say, I like it. Given I wore a vintage maxi skirt on my 12 hour flight to Ghana and purchased another one (made out of African batik fabric) there, I'll admit that I'm buying in wholeheartedly. They're casual so it's definitely more day-wear but I'm seeing dressier versions as well. Accordion pleats, skirts made of silk and the like. I'll include these options in a later post but while you are embracing the thought of a care-free spring, I thought I'd encourage you to max it out!


  1. Need Drew's outfit for an event this Saturday - love it!!!