Pillow Talk

When a reader requested that I do a post on pillows, I immediately reached out to incredible interior designer and great friend, Ashley Goforth.  Not only does Ashley have an eye for beautiful fabrics, blending patterns and arranging them in magazine-worthy fashion, she has skilled me on her craft of fluffing pillows so they look just right.  I asked Ashley to provide us with 3 helpful hints on how to pick the perfect pillows and 3 common mistakes people make (so you can avoid them). 


1.  Mix it up.  Blend stripes with geometric patterns or florals.  Mix textures - linens and silks, mohairs with satins.

2.  Don't be afraid of animal prints.  They instantly add zip and style to any setting.

3.  Custom details.  Consider adding a tape trim (solid or greek key), using contrast flange or a box pleat flange or mitered stripes for a more interesting touch.  You may have to look up a few of these words, I had to.

Photos: Ashley Goforth Design, Decor Pad, Lonny, The Lennoxx

  1. Too small.  Pillows can really make a statement so choose some that are 22 inches or bigger.  22-24 inches are great for the sofa, while 26 inches are great for a bed.
  2. Bad inserts.  Poly or foam inserts don't give pillows any loft or body.  Invest in down/feather blend inserts instead.
  3. Over-doing it.  Avoid poly or shiny fabrics that are over embellished.
A huge thanks to Ashley for helping out with this post.  Check out more of her incredible work here!


Laurie said...

She boils it down to simple principles -- so much easier to follow that way.

PS -- wtf is "flange"?

Laurie said...

Just re-read, and my comment sounds kind of negative -- when really I love love Ashley's advice and work! And, of course, am an avid & daily reader of Strong (LOVE).

SO to make up for it, I have looked up "flange":

FLANGE: A protruding rim, edge, rib, or collar, as on a wheel or a pipe shaft, used to strengthen an object, hold it in place, or attach it to another object.

Kate Flack said...

Wow, this is so inspiring! Realizing that I have made some mistakes with pillows in my day!! ;)

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