Cruise Control

The weather is finally warming up and everyone in NYC is dying to be outside, including me. After a failed attempt at owning a (semi) road bike, I got what I really wanted and cruised through last summer.  These images give me visions of sundresses and flip flops and long slow rides on my well worn wheels. Welcome, sunny days... so glad you're back.


i love this photo.  the trash bags make it so truly New York.
Photos: Mr. Newton, The Sartorialist, Tumblr


Matty Ice said...

Man, Santa lost weight, got a set of wheels, and is rocking a nice blazer!

Miss Lindsay said...

New to your blog, love it! Wish I could have gone to the NYC meetup.
Seriously, I do not know how anyone rides a bike in the city. I can barely walk and make it anywhere alive.

Megan said...

Always so inspired by fashionable bikers... loving these pictures!! New to your blog, love it!

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