Deck the Walls

Just like in fashion, things you thought were dead and gone, come back and take you by surprise.  I remember not too long ago when I wanted nothing to do with wallpaper.  I had bad memories of tacky papers that lacked any real design.  In the last few years, wallpapers have made a comeback and you often see magazine-worthy homes with at least one room choosing paper over paint.  There is the traditional way to do it, you could opt to roll it out on the ceiling or the print-averse can keep it neutral with a textured grass cloth.  So tell me, what's your opinion of wallpaper these days?

Tried and true.
take it up a notch.
add texture while keeping it understated.
Photos: Lonny, TradHome, Pinterest


Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely said...

I'm with you, I never would have considered wallpaper a year ago, but now I would love to use it in our home! These are all gorgeous xo

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