Far East Movement

My style is fickle.  I'm def more NYC than I am LA but there are times when I desire that laid-back, effortless look that so many of the bohemian girls on the west coast accomplish with (seemingly) no effort.  I like that the kimono is an easy breezy version of a blazer.  Often made of gorgeous silks, this slouchy topper manages to leave a lasting impression even when lounging at home after a long day of looking good.
  1. Victoria's Secret All-over Lace Kimono $68
  2. Zara Printed Kimono $99.90
  3. Blu Moon Kimono Jacket $120
  4. Kimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan Jacket $58
  5. Winter Kate Condor Kimono $218


Kate Flack said...

I really love #7 - and not just because of the name!!

Jenny said...

I adore these - loving #2 & #8 the best!

Strong Sense of Style said...

Kate - The Winter Kate kimono is beautiful and I love the lace.

Jenny - I agree with you... I actually bought #2 and believe it will get a lot of play time ;). #8 is great too. Love the dark blue.

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