The Influential Sara Riff

"When did you get like this?" my Mom asks on occasion when noticing my desire for the finer things in life.  I've never really given her an answer, but I know when I got like this and I know who did it.  It happened when I lived in LA and the culprit is the lovely Sara Riff.  Co-worker turned fast friend, Sara transformed a totally clueless Texas girl into a full blown fashion fiend.  Never coming close to the perfection she embodies, I awkwardly followed her lead and have her to thank (or blame, depending how you look at it) for the way I am today.

Sara's incredible style and humorous dialogue are on display at The Coveteur this week and always coming at you @RantingsofRiff.  At times I still hear her voice in my head... "Mel, you should never leave the house without lip gloss.  Mel, you've always got to have a fresh manicure."  And when I hear the voice, I promptly do as it tells me.

Sara's beloved Lola, "who refuses to go anywhere unadorned."
Photos: The Coveteur


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

OMG beautiful stuff and LOLA!!! What a cutie... thats the name i picked out for my future doggie as well! :)


kristin {ten scenic drive} said...

Hahaha she sounds like the best kind of bad influence! LOVE these photos! That pink dress is gorgeous!

Jana said...

Love her because I have her to thank for all your great influence! Love you!

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