Under the Big Top

I never looked up when I read Water for Elephants and wanted to start it all over when I finished.  I've always been fascinated with the circus - dressing as as ringleader once for Halloween and throwing elaborate events based on this magical theme.  So I love that Vogue Australia and US have taken advantage of the movie's premiere with a feature on the always gorgeous Reese Witherspoon and by shooting Hannah Holman traipsing around circus grounds.  Crisp white gowns, lace abounds, platinum blonde locks and loads of highlighter brighten their cheekbones.  These ladies are sure to rival the main attraction.

 Photos: Vogue.com, Fashion Gone Rogue via Vogue Australia


designchic said...

I totally agree...can't wait to see the movie. Loved your post at Bits of Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Fav book. Hope movie does it justice!!:)

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