Dining Style: Table Runners

I love a skirted side table like no other but have never been a fan of table cloths.  Since I keep the table set at all times (ok most of the time), I've got to find a middle ground because the Hubs has developed a habit of putting down newspapers on our nice dining room table so as not to scratch the wood.  One word: ghetto.  We need help and I'm thinking a table runner might be in our very near future.

Love how they are running three (the other way) on this table.
Photos: High Gloss, Lonny, Rue, Style Me Pretty, TradHome


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

a newspaper runner could be the next big thing, I'm just saying ghetto or genius. eh, eh? :)

Carly said...

all so gorgeous..love the more rustic vibe in the 2nd photo.
I wish I could have a fabulously set table like that...but w a 19 month old..NOT so much. One day.....sigh.

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