The Efficient Traveler

A reader and friend once suggested that I do a post on packing because my Type A personality is at its finest when I'm planning a trip of any kind.  A detailed itinerary goes out to all who are involved, a packing list is created and the actual job of loading the luggage is executed in obsessive compulsive fashion.  I forgot about her request until I began the process for Miami and in my routine manner, started the steps that get me from booking my flight to boarding the plane. 

PREP - In preparation for trips, I often save pictures I see (and like) for ideas of what to pack.  For example, this Who What Wear post inspired my outfit for Saturday night.  I don't always create an inspiration board for trips but I've created one for you here which is a more organized approach to my many saved pictures/ideas/magazine tear-outs.

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PACKING LIST- I usually create my packing list in a word doc that I update as I decide on outfits and bring home the final draft a night or two in advance to actually get started.  It's easier for me to do it by day as I pack by outfit in my head and that translates to paper as you can see. 

EXECUTION - Below you'll find a few travel tips. Some may seem obvious but especially with regard to security lines, I know not everyone is a savvy traveler.  I LOSE MY MIND with the way some people are so clueless and slow.
  1. Outfits that are scheduled to be worn later in the trip should be packed first.  Hanging clothes go in last so you can quickly hang them upon check-in.  Laptop and toiletries on top for easy access at security.
  2. Layer clothing on flights.  Temps vary but it's usually cold so be sure to have a hoodie, cardigan or jacket to keep you warm and possibly save room in your bag.
  3. If you are bringing a hat, wear it on the flight.  If you are bringing a beach bag, use it as your small carry-on.  If your tennis shoes won't fit, use the laces to tie them onto your luggage.
  4. Bring snacks since airlines charge for everything these days.  Buy your bottle of water after security and before boarding.  Stay hydrated!
  5. Travel safely, have fun and take lots of pics.
I'm off to Miami but will be posting tomorrow so stop back by. 


Anonymous said...

OMG, I love it! You are one organized woman!! Love this post. Thanks so much! Have a safe and fun trip in Miami. ---HL

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

o wow! you are organized! i love the list tho, v helpful! im hoping to go to miami next year :) have a fantastic trip! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Summer Athena said...

you are type a to a T! i love it though. will you give me lessons? please? i hope you have a blast in MIA!

Nicole said...

I"ve always wondered about the methods to your organized madness! Thanks for the crash course & have a great trip!! xo ~Nic

Bridgett Burrick said...

I love your organizational craziness!!! :)) Have the best trip!! SEe you when you are back xox

Tanvi said...

I love an organized lady!!! you are my best friend here on! :)

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Calina said...

Love the prep! I'm a type "A" packer as well. I even plan out my outfits, visually, on Polyvore.

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