I'm Seein' Stars, I'm Seein' Stars

Did anyone see Kate Bosworth in the (similar) Topshop tank at Cochella?  Or did you notice Sara Riff's collection of star-studded Jimmy Choos here?  Everywhere I turn these days, I am seeing stars.  They embellish everything from the top down to the toes and make any old outfit seem more festive.  I'd planned to post something this week showing all of my star sightings but in light of recent events, it seems even more appropriate.  Those of us in the US are feeling pretty patriotic right now and hopefully all of you world wide share our sense of relief.

Update: It seems I'm not the only one seeing stars. Madonna stuns in Stella McCartney at last night's Met Gala and Garance photographed ADR w a similar Mui Mui bag.

Photo: Us Weekly, Garance


Jessi said...

Ooh I love the swimsuit! :)

Orlagh said...

The ring, the shoes, the necklace, seriously I want it all... and I wonder why I am going for broke... oh and do you think I can rock that neon dress at work, because I really want to try.


Molly said...

oo la la! I love all of these! I'm thinking I NEED those earrings!


Lauren said...

New follower! LOVE all of these stars, especially the bag :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Stars definitely seem to be everywhere these days!

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