On the Bench

The kitchen photo above is one I've had **starred**, filed, and put away as the very look I want as we rebuild our house out east.  The only caveat was the built-in bench because I wasn't sure I'd want something so fixed.  I like the flexibility of movement when it comes to furniture but as I've looked more and more, I'm thinking I like this whole bench thing.  So far, my favorite use for one is between bookshelves and for the intended purpose of providing a cozy spot to read.  A window with a view certainly would not hurt.

Upon close inspection, this may not really be a built-in but I love the paper, mirror, etc so I wanted to include.

Photos: Pinterest


katou said...

Great post so inspiring and the kitchen looks amazing!!

-Kelly said...

I like the idea of built ins for the same reason...cozy spot to read with a cup of coffee watching the snow fall in the winter...however, if you want your kitchen to be the "center" of your home then I don't know about built ins in the kitchen is it might limit space too much...i agree with moving furniture being better in the kitchen! I LOVE the white cabinets though! So bright!

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