The Sunshine State

Well Blogger went to hell in a hand basket on Friday while I was in Miami.  I'd planned this post to go up bright and early even as I'd be sleeping in but alas, that did not happen.  The W Hotel had spotty internet service (true story) and by the time I got word that Blogger was back up (thanks {av}) I figured I'd just call it a wash and get back to business when I returned.

You know by now that I'm not crazy about color and I'm even less adventurous when it comes to interior design - I guess it feels more permanent.  But I was in Florida after all and sometimes you've just got to let the sun shine in.  Have a look at these beautiful rooms from design team Kemble Interiors.  Based in Palm Beach, they know just how to tackle the urge to go crazy with color while keeping it fresh and balanced.

Photos: Kemble Interiors


natasha {schue love} said...

Wow...these images are gorgeous!!! Love your blog...so glad you stopped by! :)

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