BBQ at Courtney's

If you're even remotely familiar with pop culture, you know that Courtney Cox hosts a lot of barbeques at her Malibu home.  Thanks to the July/August issue of Elle Decor, we get a look at her fabulous party space and the gorgeous home she lives in.  

 Sicko outdoor kitchen and dining space. 

Cox wanted the home to look like a "modern barn," and she hired architect Michael Kovak and enlisted the help of interior designer and personal friend Trip Haenisch, to accomplish that goal.  See all photos of the inside and out at ElleDecor.com.


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

omg LOVE it. i love courtney cox and im totally jealous of this gorgeous house. xo jillian

Laurie said...

That is the RIGHT Courtney to have a bbq with. You had me concerned for a sec!


PS -- Idea: as I am currently in the outdoor furniture market, and there is ALL kinds of horrible out there, and because you may be, too, what with the remodel -- that could be a most excellent post.

PPS -- Actually, I think outdoor furniture that is not tacky as shit could be a series. It's own blog, even, but let's start with a series. Hmmmmm.

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