Martha Stewart Living Large

We have loved Bedford and I'm so sad to be leaving today.  One of our favorite things to do is go for "Sunday drives" and we've had several here in horse country.  A family friend of the Hubs, who lives in the area, lead us around yesterday afternoon and on our drive, we passed Martha Stewart's incredible country estate.  It was breathtaking and while these photos don't really do it justice, I wanted to share.

All of the buildings look similar and are painted in Stewart-created "Bedford Gray."

I'd die for an arts & crafts room like this one.

Martha's 153-acre property has several homes, a greenhouse, an expansive garden and beautiful stables.  She purchased the estate in 2000 and served 5 months of house arrest here in 2005, although she was not allowed to roam around at her will.

Photos: MarthaStewart.com, Martha's Moments


Stin said...

I would die for that stable! It looks like you could eat off the floor!

Susu said...

I would love to have the arts and crafts room. And .... as long as I am dreaming, the stables with a couple of hunters. Heaven on earth!

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