HB Home

After several days of rain that wouldn't quit, the sun is finally shining and the temps have dropped a bit.  It feels amazing out and a friend and I enjoyed our cups of joe while strolling in East Hampton this morning.  We popped into HB Home, which I wasn't familiar with but now totally love.  This location has a beachy vibe while the photos online are a bit more upscale.  Either way, their textiles and design are to die for.  

Their fabrics are fresh and crisp.  Some of my favorites....


Little Petite said...

Hi Melissa :) thanks for the comment. I am so inspired by these photos. I love the colors, the chairs, the lamps...everything! I can't wait until I buy my own home so I can decorate it however I want...but for now i'll have fun decorating just my bedroom :/

Staci Latham Cross said...

I'm obsessed with that strata fabric and I NEED that painting in the first photo! Amaze!

Julie Mintz said...

Beautiful. Love the moroccan tables. Staci, you should make your version of that painting!!

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