I Heart New York

The Hubs and I just walked in the door after several days in Louisville, KY where he became an Ironman!  I've never quite understood his extreme sports but I fully support him and was the happiest and most proud wife watching him yesterday.  He did extremely well and we are both relishing in his accomplishment.  While we loved Louisville and appreciated completely dodging the Irene hype, we are so happy to be back in cool, crisp NYC.  I truly love this city.

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Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

My husband and I will be in Louisville on Friday for a wedding! We'll be in New York City in December too! I'm so excited to finally see New York at Christmas!! We've never been to either place, so any suggestions/tips are welcome!

Staci Latham Cross said...

New York City is the best city in the world!!!!

Susan said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I've never been to NY, but I'm hoping I'll get there soon. Glad you escaped Irene!

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