The Obligatory Orchid

Have you ever noticed that in nearly every magazine-worthy home, there is an orchid?  Don't get me wrong, I love an orchid like the next person but I find it interesting that no matter your style, an orchid seemingly fits into the picture.  My love is there but my skill at caring for one is not, which is why I often opt for one of the faux variety.  My orchid from Crate & Barrel works well but the finer fakes are found at Diane James Home or NDI.

 Photos: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, High Gloss, Lonny


Vale ♥ said...

Love this post cause I like interior design and those pics are so beautiful, also the previous one with the phyton choices, What do you think about following each other ? I'd like that cause I like your blog. Hope you also like mine ! Kisses

Fashion and Cookies

Mary Elizabeth Tennant said...

Love orchids. This was on my blog idea list! You still get that fresh flower vibe, but with less maintenance and expense! The Phalaenopsis variety is by far my favorite.

xo, MET

Julie said...

Gorgeous orchids! I love the girly look of them

natasha {schue love} said...

You're SOOO right! I love orchids...though you're right, they're really hard to care for! Such beautiful images!

The Buzz Blog said...

How did we miss your sweet mention of our designs! Perhaps Hurricane Irene interfering with our power had something to do with it. In any event, a belated thank you!

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