Artful Bookshelves

Often when making decisions regarding home design, I over-think things instead of just doing what I want.  While I very much desire for our home to look pulled together, it seems more so now than ever that no rules apply.  The most incredible interior designers take risks and try new things to help their craft evolve.  Hanging pieces of art smack dab in the middle of bookshelves is one of those things I first looked at and thought, really?  But of course.

As if in total agreement...
Clever way to hide those pesky magazines you can't bear to toss.
Photos: Lonny


Tarabelle said...

We close on our house in October and decorating ideas have been dancing in my head constantly. I am a total sucker for bookshelves and have a dream of lining my new formal living room/dining room area with them. LOVE this post! Thanks for the great inspiration!

Something Old, Something New said...

Love bookshelves - When I get a house of my own (instead of renting an apt) I hope to have a whole wall of them!

Liz said...

I looooove artsy bookshelves! Colors, organization etc make them sooo great to look at! I love your blog!! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Xoxo Liz


natasha {schue love} said...

LOVE the bookcase inspiration! Gorgeous.

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