Double the Fun

I've never shared a room (well I take that back, there was college) but something about bedrooms with double beds appeals to me.  Perhaps it's the balance created with two identical looks, almost like a mirror image.  And never mind that it's totally practical for kids and for a home that welcomes frequent guests.  I have no shortage of "twin" images pulled and these are among my favs.

Photos: Ashley Goforth Design, Lonny, Pinterest


Amanda said...

Love the look of double twin beds!
The blue print wall paper and orange bedding is amazing!
Great round up.

Tanvi said...

Love it!!! I am o ready to jump into them and snuggle up! :D

♡ from © tanvii.com

Carly said...

orange and brown..match made in heaven.
LOVE that first image...

Miranda said...

these are all great rooms but the second one is my fave!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh these are so fabulous. Would make a great sleepover room!

JRuud said...

Love these!!

Ha, it's so funny because I'm probably the weird girl, that when I get married I want my own bed. I want to be in the same room of course, and I wish there was a "cuddle" bed...but when it's time to sleep, I need my space. Ha, wonder how this is going to work out when I do actually get married ;)

Love your blog!

t said...

Nice rooms!


Nicole said...

Love the "twins" theme. :)

Alexa said...

Love all of them. Love the orange. So so pretty!

Nnenna said...

You're right- there is something about double beds that is very visually appealing! =)

star-crossed smile

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