IFB Conference

I spent yesterday with a room full of bloggers at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.  They organized four panels of well known bloggers and media types who shared their views on the rise of fashion blogging and what's in store for the future.  The ever-impressive Joe Zee (Elle Magazine) was the keynote speaker and he knocked it out of the park.  Acknowledging that for a moment there was tension between bloggers and magazines, Joe now seems to celebrate and support this movement and admitted that magazine editors can no longer be lazy.  I was pleased to hear, and do believe, that there is room out there for both social media and print magazines and that they can and will coexist. 

Despite the near death experience of my feet from killer heels, it was a great day spent with the faces behind many of the names I've come to know and love.


Petite Gorgeous said...

Great to hear that you had a fabulous time. Hope more opportunities like this will come to you.

Tanvi said...

It was SO GOOD to see you yesterday!!! It was a great experience over all!!!

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Meggan of Lila Grace said...

How fun!! I am planning on gong next year!

Miss Lindsay said...

Really cool! I bet it was interesting. I find myself reading more fashion blogs and less magazines... and I am a magazine junkie. Never thought I would say that!

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