Topshop Awesomeness

I am dying for these Topshop Limited Edition dresses.  They are sweet and vintage-y and amazing.  The cream color zippered racerback dress is a must have and I'm trying to justify the lime crochet shift as well.  I need to make a decision and act fast as I'm sure these babies won't be available for long.


Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

These dresses are so gorgeous... especially love the top 3! Classic and elegant, and sooo stylish!


Miranda said...

LOVE that green dress!!!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

holy moly! these are beautiful--leave it to Topshop, right?! I can totally see you rocking the cream racerback...it would be beautiful on you ;) that lime shift is such a classic too! sigh. Hope you had a fabulous Monday! xoxo {av}

Miss Lindsay said...

I neeeed to get to Topshop in NYC... I take for granted that it's there!

Amanda said...

I saw this collection when I was shopping around online this weekend and about died! SOOOO beautiful!

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