Trusty Green Jacket

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As you may remember from when I was doing outfit posts, I have an unbreakable love affair with my green field jacket (as seen here).  I literally wore a hole in it from so much use.  Since I always save images I like, especially when they involve a (similar) piece that already lives in my closet, naturally I pulled these shots.  I love how she's layered her jacket over a casual dress, somewhat dressy trousers and to add a little something extra to the classic black and blue.


Amanda said...

Love this post! And that jacket is amazing!

Summer-Raye said...

I really like that jacket. I may duplicate one of these looks. Check out my blog and if you follow, let me know & Ill return!!


Your Southern Peach said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I adore these little field jackets too and can I just say that you are gorgeous?

I think my favorite look is the first one. I'd totally rock it dropping the boys off at preschool this fall.


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