Blazing a Trail

I could wear a blazer in my sleep but I know some people find them restrictive and uncomfortable (Mom, I'm talking to you).  Loving this easy on, easy off look that is polished and warm but not at all stuffy.

Different jackets, same effect.
Photos: Columbine, Pinterest, Stockholm Street Style, The Blonde Salad


Staci Latham Cross said...

Love these!

Tarabelle said...

I'm in love with blazers this season and have been on the hunt for a cream colored piece, but i just cant seem to find the right one. Any advice on where to find a budget friendly blazer that is on style with today's looks?

Bethany said...

I'm obsessed with blazers. I have a total crush - I've got about 9 occupying my closet at the moment :)

Urban Outfitters has great affordable options!


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