Fireplace Files

After meeting with our builders last weekend, I was given the assignment to start deciding on a look for our fireplace and mantle.  Originally we wanted stone but after looking around, I decided maybe that was too rustic.  Alas, my search began and I am now knee deep in mantle photos in my inspiration files.  Like most everything in home decor, I am gravitating toward a white, clean look.  White wood for the mantle paired with either white-painted or a contrasting color brick, or possibly a monotone stone look inside.    Never have I paid much attention to the fireplace but I'm sure this is one of a long list of things our eyes will be opened up to as we start making headway with building our new home.

This works.  I love the white mantle, grey stone and stacks of wood.
I'd pretty much take everything in this picture.  The Slim Aarons photograph, the African drum coffee table and the Mies van der Rohe chair.  Someone, please.

Photos: Lonny, Pinterest, Rue Magazine


  1. The inspiration picture with the wood stacked inside the fireplace is genius. I have never seen that done before but its so chic. Its such a great clash of rustic against the clean whites.

  2. So excited to meet you at the NYC Blogger Blitz!! Have a wonderful day my dear!!


  3. I absolutely love all of these spaces!! the first one is my fave though :)

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  4. I have that last photo in my inspiration file too. It's from a different angle though--I think the inside of the living room. I love everything about that home!

  5. I LOVE a pretty fireplace in a home!! Makes it super cozy!!