Snapshots from the Weekend [2]

I am definitely in a nostalgic state of mind.  Even though we have 50 days left in NYC (yes I counted), I've been wondering... is this my last time here?  Is this my last chance to do this?  I am sure the next several weeks will be packed with NYC-based to do's and I'm looking so forward to experiencing them all.

The Hubs and I spent one last night in our house out east.  Since Saturday was a total washout, we didn't get much moved but we spent time with our builder and saw some gorgeous homes that gave us a better picture of what we'd like to do.  We dined at our favorite restaurant one last time and said good-bye to family and friends.  Yesterday, we returned to the city in time to walk down to Zuccotti Park to check out all of the action surrounding Occupy Wall Street and walked back by the rising Freedom Tower on our way home.  I <3 NY

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and be sure to check out the other Instagram Parties over on a {little} dash of ash!


  1. Hi! Love your photos!! Thanks for linking up to instagram Monday! :) xxoo, Ashley