Turtleneck, Turtleneck

Sure I still wear turtleneck sweater dresses or cowl neck sweaters but never did I expect to see a true turtleneck back in the game.  After I shake off the memories of turtlenecks being the base layer for a hideous holiday sweater, I plan to fully indulge.  How simple and cozy are these little suckers?  Great for layering - don't mind if I do....

p.s. does anyone else remember in Jerry Maguire when her sister holds up two tops saying, "High turtleneck sensible, or low v-neck sexy.... turtleneck, turtleneck."  Still cracks me up.


Zoe - Style Foodie said...

I really like turtlenecks! I feel like so many people think they are lame but living in chicago, they are genius!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I always love a good, soft turtleneck in the cooler months!

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