Under $100 Challenge

1. Mango Blouson Caminos 2. Old Navy Sequined Turnlock Crossbody 3. Topshop Structured Sleeveless Skater Dress 4. Erickson Beamon x Bauble Bar Versaille Dye Gem Earrings 5. Libby Edelman Andie 6. Weekend by MaxMara Checked Scarf . 7. Matte About You Sunglasses 8. Danielle Stevens Jewelry Monogram Bracelet 9. Madewell Metallic Telegram Clutch 10. Kenneth Jay Lane Pyramid Bracelet 11. DV by Dolce Vita Boston 12. Linea Pelle Wide Stretch Belt 13. Hive & Honey Ruffle Slit Maxi Dress 14. Topshop Snakeskin Supersoft Skinnies

On Monday I started what I've coined my 30-day Challenge.  It involves getting up early, working out more, monitoring calories (for the first time in my life), spending less and getting to bed earlier.  All in all, it's a betterment program and I'm really hoping I can do it.  The "spending less" piece is tough but I need to give my Amex a breather (bf my Hubs cuts it up) so I'm working hard to find some well-priced treasures.  I won't lie, so far I've discovered that it does involve some work but I'm loving the challenge!

p.s. aren't those Charlotte Olympia "replicas" to die for!?!


  1. I'm loving these pick ~ espcially that ON sequined turnlock crossbody!

  2. what a challenge! Good luck!
    Lovely picks!

  3. I started counting calories for the first time a month ago. My doc says it is all about calories in and calories out. It's working! Great finds, and I especially love the Piperlime Maxi.

    Well done!

  4. good luck on your 30 day challenge!

  5. oh my gosh so many great picks! going to have to head to these sites pronto!
    Good luck on your challenge! I am right there with you. Haven't worked out in 2 months and went to the gym yesterday, felt so good! If you need any help along the way with nutrition let me know (it's my major!)

  6. Best of luck to you on your challenge! You can do it! I am in love with those snakeskin pants! *runs to topshop*