Art by Peter Tunney

Ever since I stepped in to a friends apartment and saw the "Please Don't Judge Me" piece below, I have loved the work of Peter Tunney.  Usually not a fan of color, his bold pieces with thoughtful messages instantly captured my interest.  With our move and subsequent redecorating (or rather adding to fill our more spacious home), I am committed to setting aside a decent budget for art.  While one of his pieces could totally blow my wad, I am already thinking it could be Christmas and birthday and everything else (for the next 10 years).  Turns out his studio is in Tribeca only streets away so a visit will most def be fit into my extremely tight schedule.... we move in only 19 days.

Gratitude + Attitude

A super talented girlfriend of mine can actually create very similar works of art.  Once her website is up and running and she's taking orders, I will share her info in case you are interested in getting the look for less!


  1. Oh please do share about your friend when she's up and running. This piece looks awesome!

  2. One of my favorite artists! A bit out of my price range though. I'd love to hear about your friends site too!