The Chesterfield

If you haven't already picked up on it, I'm kind of obsessed with all things home design right now.  Between planning the rebuild of our summer home to moving into a house in Houston (vs a small apartment in NYC), I have tunnel vision on design and I'm trying to make decisions on how we want to fill the space.  For the study in Houston, I want it to be a good looking but manly room for the Hubs.  While I never thought I'd want another piece of leather furniture in my life, I am crushing on the Chesterfield sofa.  They are classic, masculine and old school... all words that describe my better half.

I may take a modern approach like the sofas shown below.  
Same shape and feel while switching up the fabric.
Photos: Apartment Therapy, Pinterest


  1. I really love the Chesterfield. I think my favorite is the second one shown here (with the picture of the riverscape above it), that leather just has so many colorful tones to it. It also feels very "Texas" I see bookshelf after bookshelf after bookshelf when i look at these sofas which always makes me happy.

  2. love the name on your banner! love the tufted couches... and you must keep the zebra rug! ;)

  3. The chesterfield is absolutely perfect for the hubs study. Mix it dark bookcases and perhaps a pop of color or two, or you will be working in there next to him. I've always loved the look of the distressed chester, but they are not for laying and watching movies on, best in the study!

    OK, 35 days!?!?!? Yikes, drinks next week then?

  4. love these!!! especially that blue one...what a handsome couch! (yes i did just call a couch handsome) :)