Gallery Wall

Walls full of art have always seemed a little cluttered to me and I run clear from any kind of mess.  However lately I've been collecting pieces here and there which are slowly building an art wall in my head.  The vision is to creatively organize these special pieces in my new home office.  I'm thinking varied sizes and frames but need to keep it contained.  I love the image above for all it's variety sans chaos but I'm still considering a more streamlined and matching approach.  How do you like to see gallery walls?  

I love the clipboard collection.  Such a clever way to organize and display tear sheets and fun photos.

And then there is the full on matchy-matchy approach.
Photos: Abode Love, Decorista, Lonny Mag, Pinterest


  1. I really liked the fourth and fifth gallery walls. Cheddar's is good and nice to spend time with friends =) I want to go to NY one day for my 21st birthday I hope I save up and go. How are you liking it? Thanks for stopping by my blog =)Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. These are all amazing! I love a gallery wall. #1 & #3 are my favorites.

  3. Hi! I was so excited when I saw my office wall (#1) in the blog roll on L.A. in the Bay - how cool is that? Thank you for including it! I've made changes to it since then, I will need to take some new photos. xoxo

  4. Erika- you are awesome!

    Love gallery walls, I mean obsessed.
    I have my own in my room! Will have to post a picture ;)
    Also, the way I love it is keeping within the same color palette with frames. I have mine all black and white frames, but all my pieces in it are different :)

  5. I love the idea of a gallery wall and that first image is amazing ... loving the mix of pinks!

  6. You have such a classy blog. I love the colours and styles on the first image.

  7. love gallery walls! i love the 2nd and 4th one the best! i like it too match a little bit but still have some variety!