Art by Hunt Slonem

In another installment of art I can hardly afford, I bring to you Hunt Slonem.  Hunt is my latest obsession in the art world and I'd just about sell my soul to own a piece of his work.  Hunt is known for his paintings of birds and rabbits and his colorful works could easily be the focal point of any room.  Having spent time in both Hawaii and Nicaragua as a child, Hunt calls upon these memories as well as his current "flock" of over 100 feathered friends (of various species) as the inspiration for much of his work today.

Photos: Apartment Therapy, Artnet, Elle Decor, HuntSlonem.com Pinterest


  1. We are completely renovating our house come Spring and buying all new furniture. I have been stumped as to décor…until now. You just provided me my muse! I love, love the blue and gold butterfly (Elle Decor). If only I could own my own. Thank you for introducing us!!--Adrienne