Holiday Decor Done Right

With the upcoming move, I haven't had much time or motivation to decorate for the holidays.  There isn't much of a point since we are in the throws of packing and will move before Christmas.  But with Mom in town, and the obligatory trip to see the Rockefeller Tree, I came home feeling sad that we don't have a single nod to the season adorning our home.  These tastefully decorated interiors are going to have to hold me over this year and serve as inspiration for next...

Photos: Brunch at Saks, Glitter Guide, I Dream Of..., Pinterest


  1. these rooms take my breath away! saving all of them!

  2. WOW! So many Tiffany´s under that tree!:-))


  3. Beautiful round-up! We didnt go overboard since we will be traveling for the majority of the time. I can't wait until we spend Christmas at home and all the effort feels worth it!

  4. Love pictures like that, so inspiring! Olya xo