Kitchen Confessions

Because my brain isn't totally fried (yet) with the holidays and a move to Texas, we are knee deep in the rebuild of our house out east.  The builder wants an idea of how we'd like the kitchen and naturally, I answered with one word: white.  In sifting through my inspo files I find similarities in the kitchens I've pulled... I'm consistent if nothing else.  White cabinets and subway tiles with pendant lighting and a natural grass shade for the windows.  Seems pretty standard but I fear we'll get hung up in the details.

Photos: Lonny, Pinterest


  1. My inspo kitchen images look very similar! I'm all about the all white look in the kitchen. I love the image with the little blue velvet stool at the end of the island.

  2. I'm obsessed with Carrera and Calcutta marble. It looks so clean. We have it in our kitchen and its very durable.