T-shirt Time

Craving all things comfortable and cool right now....  With a tailored blazer or the right accessories, even a tee can look stylish.  Save for holiday parties when I'm forced to dress up, this may well be my uniform as I pack things up and prep to move.

Photos: Stockholm Street Style, Know Your Rights, Jak & Jill


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! MUST TRY THIS! :D

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. I love the second one, that skirt is so feminine, I love the look with the tee, it adds a rock-y feeling!

  3. Maybe you can wear them at the holiday parties too...I feel like magazines and bloggers everywhere are trying to do the t shirts with very dressy bottoms (like a gray t with a gold sequin skirt)...just tryna help you streamline! :)