Hook 'em

It was a clash of the cultures, a little north meets south, on the day I tried to hang antlers in the apartment.  I'd just moved in with my now husband and I was swiftly turning "his" home into "ours."  Never had my design taste been challenged but he stopped me dead in my tracks.  This is a man born and raised in New York while I proudly hail from Texas.  His view was that antlers were a southern thang and he thought I was bringing a touch of the deer lease to our Tribeca digs.  Alas, I sent him an email with at least thirty photos of stunning homes featuring these dressed up horns.  Contemporary or traditional, urban or rustic, across the country antlers are hung for design and function.  He reluctantly admitted defeat but has yet to check "hang antlers" off his to-do list. 

Photos: Apartment Therapy, Lonny, Pepper Design, Pinterest


The Tribal Trend

I have an affinity for Africa, so naturally I'm a fan of anything that reminds me of it.  Earthy, ethnic and bohemian, tribal looks are once again in the limelight with their graphic prints and bright colors.  Even if you're not into bold patterns, you can still rock this look with a statement necklace, by layering chunky bangles or carrying a simple but on trend bag.


Red, White & Black

I'm currently loving all things red, white & black.  Red is the perfect pop of color in an otherwise understated look.  An after-work outing to Soho is as must for me this week as I search for just the right red piece.  I promise to show you what I come up with.



Photos: Jak & Jil, Mr. Newton, The Sartorialist


Keeping It Neutral

It was nice to be home all weekend after traveling so much and we had a great time with friends but kept it low-key.  This comfy sweater is my new go-to and because it's shiny I don't feel like I'm totally slacking.  Still donning a jacket but stubbornly refusing all things wool, I kept it neutral in an army green that's been worn so much it has a hole.  I should probably give it a rest and get that fixed since it will no doubt be a summer staple on those chilly northeastern nights.

sweater: H&M, jacket: J. Crew, jeans: J Brand, belt: J. Crew, sunglasses: Madewell, necklace: Jennifer Zeuner, watch: Cartier, bracelets: Hermes, David Yurman, J. Crew, Vintage, shoes: Brian Atwood


Strong Scents of Style

It's 33 degrees and I can't keep writing about spring when it feels like the dead of winter.  But I'm defying the winter-in-spring conundrum by replacing heavier winter scents with light florals.  These are a few of my favorites that at least remind me of warmer temps and blooming flowers.

The Scent of Peace by Bond No. 9 - A thank you gift from house-guests, this scent was an instant favorite and I flew through the bottle in record speed.  It's floral and citrus balanced by wood and musk with notes of grapefruit, blackcurrant and lily of the valley.

Pure Grace by Philosophy - the yummiest soap & water smelling lotion that I don't know how I lived without for so long.  The lotion is the best but I adore the perfume and bubble bath too.  

Kai Lotion + Bobbi Brown Beach - I may lose a friend by sharing her incredible secret but this combo is truly perfection.  The gardenia scented lotion is heaven on it's own but combined with the blend of sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin fragrance equals to die for. 

Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone - A sample of this turned into a life long partnership.  I always have a bottle on hand.

Spring Flower by Creed - Pretty much anything the folks at Creed put out is incredible but their price points reflect it.   It's worth it if you like to stick to one scent because you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. Described as fruity, floral, sweet and youthful, how can you go wrong?  Divine.

I'm not a man and I don't wear cologne but I know what I like on the Hubs and it aint Paco Rabanne, which he wore when we first got together. We've come a looooong way and here are a few of our faves.

Allure Homme by Chanel - Fresh and clean with warm, sexy notes and a distinctively masculine smell.    

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - Hands down one of the best fragrances for men, but watch out for the ladies as they're known to wear it too.

Silver Mountain Water by Creed - Another winner from Creed.  Nice, classic, fresh and clean.

Cartier Eau de Cartier - Men who won't wear cologne will wear this.  It's fresh and light, a good pick for summer.

Happy weekend!


Pillow Talk

When a reader requested that I do a post on pillows, I immediately reached out to incredible interior designer and great friend, Ashley Goforth.  Not only does Ashley have an eye for beautiful fabrics, blending patterns and arranging them in magazine-worthy fashion, she has skilled me on her craft of fluffing pillows so they look just right.  I asked Ashley to provide us with 3 helpful hints on how to pick the perfect pillows and 3 common mistakes people make (so you can avoid them). 


1.  Mix it up.  Blend stripes with geometric patterns or florals.  Mix textures - linens and silks, mohairs with satins.

2.  Don't be afraid of animal prints.  They instantly add zip and style to any setting.

3.  Custom details.  Consider adding a tape trim (solid or greek key), using contrast flange or a box pleat flange or mitered stripes for a more interesting touch.  You may have to look up a few of these words, I had to.

Photos: Ashley Goforth Design, Decor Pad, Lonny, The Lennoxx

  1. Too small.  Pillows can really make a statement so choose some that are 22 inches or bigger.  22-24 inches are great for the sofa, while 26 inches are great for a bed.
  2. Bad inserts.  Poly or foam inserts don't give pillows any loft or body.  Invest in down/feather blend inserts instead.
  3. Over-doing it.  Avoid poly or shiny fabrics that are over embellished.
A huge thanks to Ashley for helping out with this post.  Check out more of her incredible work here!


Killin' It

I'm sure you may have seen these ads for H&M already but can I please point out that they totally nailed it?  Gisele could wear a paper bag and look amazing but in these photos, by Daniel Jackson, she covers nearly every spring trend in a painfully (to me anyway) effortless way.  Super wide leg pants, floral prints, flowy maxi skirts, crocheted vest, blush color-ways, accordion pleats, stacked bangles and on and on.  The most unfortunate thing about all of this is that by the time you get to H&M, all the good stuff is gone.  Such a tease.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue


A Little Lift

My feet are still hurting from walking around the French Quarter in super tall wedges by day and 5 inch platform pumps by night.  They have me longing for something easier on the arches.  Fortunately, there are many options out there that give you a lift without killing your feet.  I never would have pictured myself in a low wedge but these are all super cute.  They are a little pricey but I am coveting those color blocked Pierre Hardys. 


Bourbon Street

I'm back from another travel weekend and feeling exhausted, again.  New Orleans was the usual... loud music, hand grenades, dirty clowns on Bourbon Street and beads being hurled at my head.  But it was also an incredibly thoughtful weekend with lots of caring and sharing among the women in our family.  We talked, spent afternoons on the balcony with bottles of wine and just really supported one another.  I'm grateful to be able to recount precious moments mixed in with plenty of drinks and a birthday girl who wouldn't quit.  

Oh, and I promise not to always wear maxi dresses... they're just so easy when on the road.  

Sunglasses: 1st pic, borrowed from cousin to hide tired travel eyes, 2nd pic: Madewell, dress: H&M, belt: J. Crew, shoes: Stuart Weitzman (Steve Madden makes an identical pair FYI), watch: Cartier, jewelry: Jennifer Zeuner, beads from Nana, Hermes, J. Crew, The Wendt Collective, wallet: Anya Hindmarch


For Japan with Love

Sorry for the brief hiatus but I am joining many others in honoring those affected by the tragedy in Japan with a day of silence on our blogs.  Please check out For Japan with Love and feel free to donate to Shelter Box if you've been thinking you wanted to do something, but weren't sure how to get involved.

Happy weekend and thanks for reading!

Bar Style

The men in our lives don't always get to flap their decorating wings when pulling together a home.  Sure, guys can lay claim to the garage and maybe the basement (if you have either one).  And most get some sort of office which doubles as the "man-room." A not so obvious dude-domain is the bar… or bar cart or bar tray or whatever you've done to create yourself a spot for the good spirits in your life.  So as a nod to the fellas who follow this blog (and a shout out to the heavy-drinking Irish), let these bars inspire you to go home and spruce up your own before you get caught up in the St. Paddy's revelry. 

yay Tito's!

Photos: Lonny, Pinterest