Independence Day

I'm signing off for the long weekend and leaving you with these lovely patriotic 4th of July shots.  This American holiday is one of appreciation and celebration but also a day off work (woohoo!), barbecues, beers and best of all, fireworks!  

Do come back tomorrow as the amazing Helena of A Diary of Lovely will be guest posting!  She runs a series on her blog called "Ideal Closet" and switched it up a bit for us.  Check back to see what's in store...

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Cover Girls

While I will look nothing like these gals in my bikini, these covers have me jonesin' for the upcoming long weekend.  Looking forward to sun, sand, water and good times with visiting friends! 


Chambray Has it's Day

As you may remember from this post, I have been lusting after the Levi's x Opening Ceremony chambray dress.  Pippa Middleton sporting one this week at People.com and these denim darlings online, have me racing out the door to finally track one down.  

I actually have something similar to the embroidered style below but I've always felt like a little girl wearing it.  The rugged brown belt helps toughen it up a bit... I think I'll try that.
Photos: People.com, Pinterest, Sincerely Jules

Here are a few available to you now...
[left to right, top to bottom] Lands End Canvas, Steven Alan, Asos, Forever 21, A.P.C., Forever 21


Equality is the New Black

I started this blog to discuss fashion, lifestyle, good life, etc., not to discuss politics or my own beliefs on politics.

However, Friday night's bill that New York State passed into law legalizing same-sex marriage isn't political to me.  I believe it fits into the mission of this blog because it is a civil and human right, and frankly, long overdue.

I am proud to live in the great state of New York, and prouder that, just 2 years after the 2009 38-24 vote that overturned the legalization of gay marriage, we managed to pull it together.

New York is small in size (relative to my home state of Texas), but powerful in its influence across the nation.  We can only hope the ripple affect so many are predicting will be seen across the country, and soon.  I don't know how in 2011, same-sex couples in 44 states are still unable to marry in their home-states where their friends, family and children may attend.

Heterosexual couples have rights to marry, rights to divorce and exercise these rights freely.  I do not understand how these rights have never been available to our friends, our families, our co-workers or perfect strangers.  How did this happen and why has it taken so long to correct?  While I can only conclude that the reason for this is hate, I cannot understand the hate itself, or the underlying prejudice that forms such a stalwart feeling of superiority and need to judge and belittle another protected group that simply wants to be equal.

Thank you to the Democrats (save for one), but especially the four Republicans who pushed through whatever held them back in 2009, for taking a stand for marriage equality for all.  Moreover, I send a special thanks to Republican Sen. Roy McDonald, who so perfectly put it, "Well, f**k it, I don't care what you think.  I'm trying to do the right thing."

This movement came down to the very simple principle of doing what's right, and we did it.  Better late than never.  Go New York!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Judging by the looks of Tommy Ton's latest batch of photos coming out of Men's Fashion Week in Paris, we can expect to see a lot more color this summer.  Bold solids and colorful prints, these street style images are not for the color-averse.  If you think you've got on too many colors, you don't.... add another.  I likey.

Photos: Style.com


My Dream Beachbag on Ten Scenic Drive

I'm guest posting on Ten Scenic Drive today so hop on over and see what goodies I'd pack in my dream beachbag.  If you're like my Hubs and wonder why there is no swimsuit.... the logic was that at the beach, I'm wearing the suit.  I do not dream of beaching sans clothes, no I do not....

And below is a feel good quote for you.  My Pops always called me the "can-do girl" and this is a fav of mine.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo: Etsy 


Read My Lips

Bright pink lips scream summer!  I love this pop of color worn casually or dressed up.  And with a golden tan.... even better.  I once read that the perfect pink pout comes from the combination of Benefit's full-finish lipstick in "hot pink" topped with NARS lip lacquer in "hot wired."  While getting me to put on one, much less two lip colors is kind of a stretch, certain nights call for it and I'm always glad I made the extra effort.

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Martha Stewart Living Large

We have loved Bedford and I'm so sad to be leaving today.  One of our favorite things to do is go for "Sunday drives" and we've had several here in horse country.  A family friend of the Hubs, who lives in the area, lead us around yesterday afternoon and on our drive, we passed Martha Stewart's incredible country estate.  It was breathtaking and while these photos don't really do it justice, I wanted to share.

All of the buildings look similar and are painted in Stewart-created "Bedford Gray."

I'd die for an arts & crafts room like this one.

Martha's 153-acre property has several homes, a greenhouse, an expansive garden and beautiful stables.  She purchased the estate in 2000 and served 5 months of house arrest here in 2005, although she was not allowed to roam around at her will.

Photos: MarthaStewart.com, Martha's Moments