Making a Statement

A simple outfit can be transformed with a single piece of jewelry.  For someone who loves basics like I do, this is my immediate home-run.  The collar styles are everywhere right now and I love that with such a sleek and easy addition, your outfit goes from standard to stellar.  I still love pieces that are more elaborate as well and with the abundant options available, there is no reason to settle on just one.


Cowgirl Chic

Maybe it's my Texas roots but I love a good photo shoot that resembles something out of the wild wild west.  Granted these shots, by Zoltan Tombor, were taken for Grazia Italy, they still beckon me home. Daria Pilnitskaya manages to look both stunning and tough as a fashionable cowgirl.  No one said you can't have high style out in the country.

I will absolutely be breaking out my concho belt again this season. 

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue


Double the Fun

I've never shared a room (well I take that back, there was college) but something about bedrooms with double beds appeals to me.  Perhaps it's the balance created with two identical looks, almost like a mirror image.  And never mind that it's totally practical for kids and for a home that welcomes frequent guests.  I have no shortage of "twin" images pulled and these are among my favs.

Photos: Ashley Goforth Design, Lonny, Pinterest


Topshop Awesomeness

I am dying for these Topshop Limited Edition dresses.  They are sweet and vintage-y and amazing.  The cream color zippered racerback dress is a must have and I'm trying to justify the lime crochet shift as well.  I need to make a decision and act fast as I'm sure these babies won't be available for long.


The McCartneys for the Win

The Hubs and I had the privilege of attending the premiere of Paul McCartney-scored Ocean's Kingdom last night at the New York City Ballet.  It was an incredible event start to finish but my favorite part (other than seeing a slew of celebs) was Stella McCartney's beautiful costumes.  Each piece was truly a work of art, and not a detail was missed.  She managed to work fashion now into these gorgeous designs; accordion pleats, short in the front... long in the back and color-blocking in ocean hues.  These photos don't do it justice so if you're in the area, I'd suggest you check it out.

Oh, and the music was phenomenal too...

Photos: Global Grind, Vogue


Artful Bookshelves

Often when making decisions regarding home design, I over-think things instead of just doing what I want.  While I very much desire for our home to look pulled together, it seems more so now than ever that no rules apply.  The most incredible interior designers take risks and try new things to help their craft evolve.  Hanging pieces of art smack dab in the middle of bookshelves is one of those things I first looked at and thought, really?  But of course.

As if in total agreement...
Clever way to hide those pesky magazines you can't bear to toss.
Photos: Lonny


Rainbow Bright

Since the color blocking trend seems to be going nowhere fast, it might be worth your time to stock up on brights that work for fall.  There are plenty of boldly colored pieces offered in fall/winter varieties and I for one, plan to invest in a few.  This pair of J. Crew trousers tops my must have list but number 6 above could work in an even more modest price range.  Regardless, it's still all about mixing bold solids to achieve that colorfully creative look.


Le Chapeau

The toppers on fashion's elite were not to be missed last week.  Everything about the woman above is fierce!  Once again, street style photographer, Tommy Ton has managed to capture all that is fun in fashion.

Photos: Tommy Ton for Style.com


Trusty Green Jacket

1 / 2 / 3

As you may remember from when I was doing outfit posts, I have an unbreakable love affair with my green field jacket (as seen here).  I literally wore a hole in it from so much use.  Since I always save images I like, especially when they involve a (similar) piece that already lives in my closet, naturally I pulled these shots.  I love how she's layered her jacket over a casual dress, somewhat dressy trousers and to add a little something extra to the classic black and blue.


Let There Be Light

I've always loved chandeliers and it's fun to find them in the most unexpected places.  Certainly not designed for only for dining rooms, they're now found rather regularly throughout the home.  Nurseries often house them and even closets are well adorned.  No matter where they're hanging, I still love these fancy fixtures as they provide light in the most glamourous ways.

Photos: Pinterest