Snapshots from the Weekend [2]

I am definitely in a nostalgic state of mind.  Even though we have 50 days left in NYC (yes I counted), I've been wondering... is this my last time here?  Is this my last chance to do this?  I am sure the next several weeks will be packed with NYC-based to do's and I'm looking so forward to experiencing them all.

The Hubs and I spent one last night in our house out east.  Since Saturday was a total washout, we didn't get much moved but we spent time with our builder and saw some gorgeous homes that gave us a better picture of what we'd like to do.  We dined at our favorite restaurant one last time and said good-bye to family and friends.  Yesterday, we returned to the city in time to walk down to Zuccotti Park to check out all of the action surrounding Occupy Wall Street and walked back by the rising Freedom Tower on our way home.  I <3 NY

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On the Move

I've been anxious to tell you guys, the Hubs and I are on the move.  At the end of the year, we'll be packed up and heading south.  Home for me and a wonderful work opportunity for him.  It's bittersweet - we love NYC and thought we'd spend our life here, but we're looking forward to the adventure ahead of us!  Stay tuned...


A Gentle Reminder

Acne Wool Crepe Top available here.

In case you didn't believe me when I told you before, turtlenecks are back.  In a big way.  

Photos: Because I'm Addicted, Stockholm Street Style, The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton via Style.com


by george + The Byrd Collective

For those of you who live in or near Austin, be sure to stop into by george at some point between November 3rd - 5th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The amazing Ashley from The Byrd Collective will be on hand showcasing and peddling her gorgeous and creative floral designs.  Never hurts to see what by george has to offer either.  Wish I was there.....

Under $100 Challenge

1. Mango Blouson Caminos 2. Old Navy Sequined Turnlock Crossbody 3. Topshop Structured Sleeveless Skater Dress 4. Erickson Beamon x Bauble Bar Versaille Dye Gem Earrings 5. Libby Edelman Andie 6. Weekend by MaxMara Checked Scarf . 7. Matte About You Sunglasses 8. Danielle Stevens Jewelry Monogram Bracelet 9. Madewell Metallic Telegram Clutch 10. Kenneth Jay Lane Pyramid Bracelet 11. DV by Dolce Vita Boston 12. Linea Pelle Wide Stretch Belt 13. Hive & Honey Ruffle Slit Maxi Dress 14. Topshop Snakeskin Supersoft Skinnies

On Monday I started what I've coined my 30-day Challenge.  It involves getting up early, working out more, monitoring calories (for the first time in my life), spending less and getting to bed earlier.  All in all, it's a betterment program and I'm really hoping I can do it.  The "spending less" piece is tough but I need to give my Amex a breather (bf my Hubs cuts it up) so I'm working hard to find some well-priced treasures.  I won't lie, so far I've discovered that it does involve some work but I'm loving the challenge!

p.s. aren't those Charlotte Olympia "replicas" to die for!?!


Fireplace Files

After meeting with our builders last weekend, I was given the assignment to start deciding on a look for our fireplace and mantle.  Originally we wanted stone but after looking around, I decided maybe that was too rustic.  Alas, my search began and I am now knee deep in mantle photos in my inspiration files.  Like most everything in home decor, I am gravitating toward a white, clean look.  White wood for the mantle paired with either white-painted or a contrasting color brick, or possibly a monotone stone look inside.    Never have I paid much attention to the fireplace but I'm sure this is one of a long list of things our eyes will be opened up to as we start making headway with building our new home.

This works.  I love the white mantle, grey stone and stacks of wood.
I'd pretty much take everything in this picture.  The Slim Aarons photograph, the African drum coffee table and the Mies van der Rohe chair.  Someone, please.

Photos: Lonny, Pinterest, Rue Magazine


Snapshots from the Weekend [1]

Our weekend was full of work but we took one afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous, crisp autumn weather on the North Fork.  The Hubs and I packed a picnic, tasted wine at a few wineries, popped in at a few farm stands and got lost in the haunted corn maze.  The air was cool and crisp, the sky bright blue.  We had the absolute best afternoon and felt like we closed out the season the best we could.  Looking forward to next summer when (hopefully) we'll be moving into our new digs!

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Out of Office

Please forgive my absence.  We are knee deep in moving boxes, trying to empty our summer house which will be torn down next week.  Hopefully the rebuild will begin first of November.  There are a few sad moments in looking back but more than anything, we are looking forward to making memories of our own once the new home takes shape.

Happy weekend to you all!


To Match or Not To Match

If the outcome of my photo search is any indication, I have the answer to my own question.  I've always wondered about the rule on matching bedside tables (and lamps).  Do they need to match or does having two different colors, shapes, materials add character to a room?  While the bedsides of our bedroom now don't match at all, I'm kind of wishing they did and feeling like a change is in store.  What's your preference?  Is there a rule?  


Photos: Lonny Mag, Pinterest

p.s. There were WAY more pictures available with matching bedside tables so maybe that's our answer.


Chunky Sweaters

A slight chill in the air and warmth is what I'm craving.  I'm sure it's all about my state of mind but in the mood for chunky knit sweaters this week.  Cozy is my priority and cute wouldn't be the worst thing.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue



Nothing makes me happier than the resurgence of a trend that allows me to utilize pieces already in my closest.  Super wide-leg pants haven't been around in awhile but I'm so grateful that for once, I held on to something that has come back around.  Palazzo pants are wide and full, so best paired with a form fitting top to show your shape.  Love!

Photos: The Glamourai, Stockholm Street Style


Rich(ie) Sense of Style

When I saw Nicole Richie in the white tank/black skirt photo I paused.  How is such a simple outfit so perfect?  A testament that a few well cut basics paired with a bold accessory can totally make a look.  I need (not want) every piece of these two simple but stellar ensembles.


A Touch of Turq

For a girl who loathes color, especially in the home, a turquoise sofa is a strange thing to want.  But I do.... very much so.  I don't need anything else turquoise, just the sofa to mix things up a bit.  It will need to be covered in a rich, dressed up fabric like mohair or velvet so as not to appear too playful.  Do you love or am I loco?

Photos: Lonny, Pinterest


Leather-sleeved Coats

It's not quite coat time in these parts but with the rainy days we're facing, I know we're getting close.  Every year I like to invest in one coat.  If I had to rely on my trusty black puffer every day I'd go insane.  I need variety in the coat closet to keep me going through the long winter months.  This year I know what I'm after and it's a leather-sleeved piece.  The contrasting fabrics keep it interesting while the mix of leather (and most likely) wool will certainly keep me warm.

additional options by: Elizabeth & JamesHelmut Lang, Max Azria and The Row