Looking Forward

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If I had to describe this year in one word it would be: FULL.  We have survived highs and lows, major life changes, huge disappointments and have rounded out the year with a cross-country move.  It's been an interesting ride but with all things in life, we take these hurdles and use them to make us stronger.  I'd be lying if I didn't confess I've been looking forward to 2012 for awhile now and I welcome all of the surprises it has in store.



Out Of The Office

We've  been living in denial about our move and not a single thing is packed.  But we've enjoyed the city to its fullest these last few weeks so no regrets.  Time to get cranking' though... will resume regular posts later this week as the dust settles a bit.  


Sparkle & Shine

Photos: Glitter Guide, I Dream Of..., Know Your Rights

I'm sure you know that glitter and sequins are mad popular right now, which is most unfortunate because  sparkles aren't really my thing.  My style is always evolving but my inner tomboy doesn't make extreme exceptions.  Admittedly, I love these looks and know they are gorgeous and festive and full on glam but getting me out the door in such a shiny ensemble would not be an easy task.  But the shoes, and the bags, now that I can manage... less is more in my case.

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Banquette Style Seating

I'm not sure why I hesitated when good friend and talented interior designer Ashley Goforth suggested banquette seating for the breakfast room in our Houston home.  I always want a booth in restaurants and if they offer half booth/half chair the poor Hubs always gets stuck in the chair (like the other men) while I sit comfortably on the other side.  After stalking images online, and seeing that this is both a practical and stylish (if done well) seating arrangement, I concurred.  So to compliment our gorgeous Mies van der Rohe chairs, a bench will be an option for those crave who comfort for breakfast.

Photos: Elle Decor, Lonny Mag, Pinterest



Art by Hunt Slonem

In another installment of art I can hardly afford, I bring to you Hunt Slonem.  Hunt is my latest obsession in the art world and I'd just about sell my soul to own a piece of his work.  Hunt is known for his paintings of birds and rabbits and his colorful works could easily be the focal point of any room.  Having spent time in both Hawaii and Nicaragua as a child, Hunt calls upon these memories as well as his current "flock" of over 100 feathered friends (of various species) as the inspiration for much of his work today.

Photos: Apartment Therapy, Artnet, Elle Decor, HuntSlonem.com Pinterest


Holiday Wish List Guest Post on a {little} dash of ash

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T-shirt Time

Craving all things comfortable and cool right now....  With a tailored blazer or the right accessories, even a tee can look stylish.  Save for holiday parties when I'm forced to dress up, this may well be my uniform as I pack things up and prep to move.

Photos: Stockholm Street Style, Know Your Rights, Jak & Jill


Gift Guide: For the Home

I've always found that shopping for clothes for other people is a little tricky.  So when buying presents I usually gravitate toward gifts for the home.  Gaging someones taste is not necessarily easy but for those you know well, it's simple enough to pick something usable for the kitchen, their office or elsewhere around the house.  Some of the items on this gift guide look so luxe but are quite reasonably priced.  I'll think I'll take one of each to fill our new space and the return address labels are a must as I've had to toss all things "return to NYC."


Kitchen Confessions

Because my brain isn't totally fried (yet) with the holidays and a move to Texas, we are knee deep in the rebuild of our house out east.  The builder wants an idea of how we'd like the kitchen and naturally, I answered with one word: white.  In sifting through my inspo files I find similarities in the kitchens I've pulled... I'm consistent if nothing else.  White cabinets and subway tiles with pendant lighting and a natural grass shade for the windows.  Seems pretty standard but I fear we'll get hung up in the details.

Photos: Lonny, Pinterest


Christmas Colors

Somehow in the midst of my chaotic life this week, I am feeling most festive and craving all things Christmas.  Bright reds, emerald greens and shimmery golds are appealing to the eye as I look forward to a host of holiday events both here and in Houston.  


Holiday Decor Done Right

With the upcoming move, I haven't had much time or motivation to decorate for the holidays.  There isn't much of a point since we are in the throws of packing and will move before Christmas.  But with Mom in town, and the obligatory trip to see the Rockefeller Tree, I came home feeling sad that we don't have a single nod to the season adorning our home.  These tastefully decorated interiors are going to have to hold me over this year and serve as inspiration for next...

Photos: Brunch at Saks, Glitter Guide, I Dream Of..., Pinterest


A Weekend in Paris

We had the most amazing long weekend in Paris over Thanksgiving!  Total tourists by day and cooler kids by night, our trip was the best mix of seeing the sights while also indulging on wonderful dinners and cocktails at some really fun places.  We'd never been up to Montmartre so we spent a day there walking around, eating our weight in croissants, visiting the Sacre Coeur and enjoying the gorgeous views.  We had such a great time together and it's times like these I'm reminded how important it is to make time for get-aways when you can.  

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Gift Guide: INSPI(RED)

Yesterday was World AIDS Day so in effort to show my support I am linking up with {long distance loving} for an INSPI(RED) Friday's Fancies.  Since it's gift guide season, I figured why not paint the blog red! I'm excited that most of these picks are wallet friendly and holiday appropriate so while raising awareness for (RED) we can knock a few gifts off the shopping list too.  For additional gift ideas, and ones that support (RED) directly, click here.


Flocked Trees

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Last year I had it in my head that we would have a flocked tree.  The Hubs had the patience for only one stop and when the store didn't have it, I got the genius idea that I could flock my own. Notice this isn't a DIY blog and Grace Atwood, I am not.   Needless to say it was a minor disaster and looked nothing like my intended dream tree.  This year, we're going without since we move mid month but in my very near future, I will have one of these faux snow beauties (which will be most appropriate as very few flakes fall in Houston).

And the winner of the GIVEBACK is Mae from Lili & Mae!  I'm looking forward to hearing who Mae has chosen for the donation.  Thank you all for entering to win.  I wish I could donate to every of your non-profits and I appreciate you sharing which ones you are passionate about. #bethechange