New Years Word: Patience

I picked up a little New Years inspiration from Camille Styles over the weekend.  Rather than setting a resolution for the year (which I had already and do plan to keep), I came up with a word.  One word which I hope to lean on as the year progresses.  My word for 2012 is "patience" and I selected it because it's something I've always been short on and more so lately, I've needed in abundance.

There are so many things I feel like I want right now (to feel settled in our new house for starters) and not having them happen in my personal time frame brings me down.  I know that life doesn't go according to my schedule but that doesn't stop me from wanting and therefore waiting.  

So in the year ahead, I am asking for patience.  Leaning on the hope that with patience, the things I want will happen but more importantly, I will enjoy the process of getting there.

What's your word?


Pictures from The Dark Room

Our moving truck won't arrive for another week but we're spending our first night in our house tonight!  I've made up reasons to go by there for the last several days and with each visit, I am more and more excited.  The painters have worked fast & furiously and it's unbelievable what a coat of paint can do.  Most of the colors are staying the same (I love it just the way it is) but we're making a few exceptions... One of which might seem a little goth but is sure to end up glam.  A black guest bedroom with white beds, bedding and gold accents.  I.  Can't. Wait.

Photos: Pinterest